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I'm Caz. I've been an Adult Fan of LEGO since October 2017.
My channel showcases my MOCs, mostly microscale architecture, built to the Micropolis standard. I have made more than 100 different models which I take to LEGO shows throughout the UK. I often publish a couple of short Micropolis videos per week, with a little story to accompany each.

I also have my own minifig-scale LEGO city called Blockville. I try to post updates roughly once a month. Blockville contains several Creator Expert modular buildings, but also many custom features including trains, monorail transport system and MOCs of houses, shops, and an underwater shipwreck.

I have recently split out Blockville's Ninjago Disctrict to form its own display. I'm building MOCs to expand the official Ninjago City and Docks. I really enjoy the haphazard look of Ninjago City, where anything goes. You can get away with putting a Friends-influenced Diner next to a Classic Space themed rooftop bar!

I also display my Great Ball Contraption modules with my LEGO User Group, London AFOLs, so you will see videos of our collaborative displays, and reports from other LEGO shows on my channel.

Check out my channel HERE.

I'm Vickie, an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) who specializes in fun with this wonderful hobby! We help YOU have fun building YOUR LEGO world! 

We love to use Stop Motion in our videos, too! As part of the build and review of new sets, you will always find some #LegoRain and #LegoLove mixed in! We also share building tips and strategies for modifying sets. In addition, we design MOCs (My Own Creations) as there are only so many sets designed by LEGO and sometimes you just want to come up with your own ideas and share them!

Keeping up with the latest sets is important as there are so many to choose from and I select sets that are fun for the whole family! We use the LEGO City theme and our LEGO World is based on adventure so we incorporate the playful specialized sets like: Harry Potter, Star Wars and Super Heroes as well as movie sets like: The Incredibles, Marvel, Jurassic World, Toy Story 4 and Disney! 

As a friendly channel we encourage creativity, fun and kindness! We love to connect with our friends and fans with Live streams and are committed to building a great LEGO community online! LEGO Love to you!

Check out my channel HERE.

Welcome to the Brick Bakery, where all our jokes are half-baked and most our bricks are medium rare.

Brick Bakery is a YouTube channel mostly focused on old and vintage LEGO sets from the 1980s and 1990s.

The proprietor and presenter - Jakob - has an extensive collection of nostalgic LEGO sets. These are reviewed and presented regularly.

Besides this, the channel is mostly focused on building the LEGO city, Bakersville, which includes presenting MOCs and finding LEGO cheaply.

Hence, the channel also publishes haul videos - usually including both used and new LEGO.

Check out my channel HERE.

On this YouTube channel, you will mostly find videos about my LEGO city Bricksonville.

What makes Bricksonville special is that it is one of the brightest LEGO cities on YouTube. Almost everything is lit up with hundreds of LEDs - including official sets, MOCs, trains and many more interesting builds.

In addition to the LEGO city content, I publish videos on a separate amusement park project that will feature motorized rides & attractions as well as LED lights.

I also share how-to videos from time to time.

Check out my channel HERE.

My goal is to bring family-oriented LEGO videos to you each week that feature MOCs, reviews, how-to’s, and especially updates of my ever-expanding and busy LEGO City of Figsdale.  

Weekly Figsdale updates are full of stories and scenes featuring Figsdale residents.  You’ll never see a Minifig doing the same thing twice in the city! Check out our LEGO amusement park Six Figs too!

Sometimes my kids, Adrian and Piper, join in on the fun as well! 

Check out my channel HERE.

Hi I'm Greg. I'm a part-time entrepreneur, full-time dad and lifetime LEGO Fanatic! Join me and my family on our LEGO Journey! We're LEGO builders who are all about the joy of the building, playing and sharing LEGO creates!

On our channel, you will find videos and photos all about LEGO and sharing everything related to the joy of creating with it! There are custom MOCs, tutorials, trips through LEGO history and reviews of LEGO sets, both new and old.

We're also creating our own unique LEGO City, Studsburg, with its fleet of LEGO Trains, city building, Ninjago Mountain and lots more! Every week there are new adventures to be had in the city, exploring the markets or riding the theme park rides. Perhaps racing a car through the city streets or chilling out in the residential area.

Come and join us on our adventure through the fantastic world of LEGO!

Check out my channel HERE.

At Small Brick City, we want to help you build a custom LEGO city, regardless of the space you have.

Size doesn't always matter when it comes to building an awesome brick city! Design, concept, back story, scale of complexity and details are more important factors in creating a great LEGO city.

This channel explores creating amazing LEGO displays and custom cities with official sets, modified builds, MOCs (my own creations), small build video tutorials and how-to videos.

We share techniques, approaches and philosophies on designing, conceptualizing and building a custom LEGO city that apply to a LEGO city of ANY SIZE!

Expect new videos at least 3 times a week.

Check out my channel HERE.

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